la floraison de l’ésprit.

hej hej.

so here we go again. I’m excited & proud about this new site & chapter in my ‚blogger life‘. Something different to that what I’ve been done so far – so what can I say. I was just over it- everything looked exactly the same & there was no room for indivitualies.

I’m done with the fluffy pink world of influencers & girly girls in social media who all look the same.

I know, thats how the business works & most of the people want to see that kind of instagram feed. But to be honest, thats so not me. I’m not a girly girl and I’ll never be one. And thats ok for me. All I need is to feel free & be myself- nothing else. I’m curious about it & happy to share this with you.


hej då.



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