I will either be famous or infamous.

Otto-Dix-Haus // Bodensee

It’s definitely the time to ask yourself: should I start a blog or is it worth it all the work & love you put into it? It’s so easy to pull up an instagram post in just a few seconds & get so much attention with it. Do the readers really take their time to read all the blogposts & spend time on a website?

I asked myself that question a lot of times and also wasn’t sure what to tell you here. What do my readers wanna know about me- do they wanna know anything? Should it be more personal or not. I’m really not sure to be honest, all I know is that I love my blog. I love writing, I love creating. I love to show you my personal way of style, my kind of creativity. I mean its been now nearly 10 years and I couldn’t live without it anymore.

What do I know is somethings gonna happen here & it will be the real me. No sponsored post on instagram, no healthy breakfast picture or cheasy advertising. I know exactly what I want to give to you through my posts & my blog, so be curious my loves.


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