Outfit: Sunday walk.

  Was ich besonders am Frühling liebe? Den morgendlichen Duft & die Frische. Auch die Sonne, wenn sie sich denn mal blicken lässt, wärmt ganz anders als noch vor ein paar Wochen. Letzten Sonntag nutzten mein Bruder und ich also die ersten schönen Sonnenstrahlen & drehten eine Runde um den Bärensee hier in Stuttgart. Ich

Outfit: Strolling through London

Shirt, Jeans- Zara//Shoes-Doc Martens Vintage//Bag-Chanel Vintage//  My goals for 2018 are: be more selfish. It sounds pretty stupid but in the past few years I never did that much travelling & dancing at concerts as I wanted to do, so I set my self this goal for 2018. After one week in Lisbon in February

Outfit: feeling kinda blue

Just talked about puffer jackets- so here is mine. Deep blue & fluffy! Saw it the other day @Mango & couldn’t resist & the best thing its on sale! Droppin now the casual comfy outfits during holidays. It’s crazy how quick this year went by…my age already tells me ‚grow up!‘ but I’m really not feeling

Outfit: take me home

Hello my loves. It’s christmas weekend & this year its gonna be very relaxed & comfy. We’ll spend our christmas with my mom & brother at our home & there will be no stress. I’m very excited about this weekend and can’t wait to see all the happy faces. Specially while they’re opening my presents-

Outfit: Autumn walks.

Guys, all I want to do right now is to spend as much time as possible outside in the nature. The weather is perfect right now & all these amazing colours in nature. These pictures really show how happy I am these days. After an amazing breakfast & some shopping time with Jelena, we shooted